The Shapes of Tea

I am often distracted by the oddest things.

Today, I have found myself mulling over the miscellaneous shapes of teabags.

I like the varying textures, the finishes and the attention that went to each one. It’s to think that someone put some thought into why each one should be formed in each particular way. From the crystal-like bags of Storm Tea and Tea Pigs to the hand tied muslin Mariage Frères bag, they each brew an excellent cup in my opinion.

You are excused if you are currently thinking how perfectly bland my life must be! After many many hours of whirling around in my own relentless boredom as a teenager, I gradually acquired a knack of procuring some kind of inspiration from the most seemingly mundane of places. Sneer if you will! But this has kept my wandering mind busy and as far away at a safe distance from boredom. The trouble is of course, I now have great difficulty concentrating on what are perhaps regarded as more important things in life! Ooops.