It’s All Yellow

The sun came, rested over London for a brief week and then scarpered off again. This is a common happening here yet it never fails to leave us feeling a little bit sulky at the return of the rain clouds. Well, here is my attempted antidote.

YELLOW! That plucky shade of vibrance, zest and unclouded sunshine.

I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of yellow things we have sitting around the house.

I am particularly fond of my stand alone scissors that Hiro bought to assist me in my craft missions. It was designed by {ANYTHING} which is a collaborative design partnership between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha. I simply adore their practical, sturdy and colourful stationary items.

The candle votive is a rather special one from Iittala. It was handmade using special pigments and techniques.

The yuzu little fruit shaped pot it filled with foot cream. Yuzu is a citrus fruit widely used in food and beauty items in Japan.

Over here we favour lemons for the same refreshing burst in summer and soothing warmth during winter. 

However, Spring is on our heels and blooming daffodils are evidence of it’s hopeful arrival.

The rush of yellow really animates our concrete jungle after the winter of stoney sobriety.

Sobriety imbued with humour and violence are just some of the trademarks apparent in Coen Brothers’ films. This primrose shaded set was a gift to Hiro by our friend who is a devoted film addict.

On the matter of kind gifts, here is one that Hiro bought me:

Sunshine shaded run-arounds! 

However, there are those who shun missions on foot patrol in favour of more comfortable modes of transportation. Enter the Hackney Carriage!


I have no idea why the “Hackney” bit comes into the word equation, (something to do with the Englishfication of a French word I’d hazard to guess) but I do know that these are most commonly found in a cooler shade of black. 

However, plodding about on one’s feet does put you in direct contact with far more interesting things to gawp at, such at this rather lovely typewriter I came across on Essex Road!

Typewriters make such satisfying sounds don’t you think?

Well there you go folks! I do hope you have enjoyed this yellow rampage. Keep it plucky!

“Here comes the hotstepper,
I’m the lyrical gangster,”

Ini Kamoze