There are some shops in London that are just so lurk-able because they are cosy, friendly and full of stuff to gawp at and consider buying. One such smorgasbord of interesting things and good vibes is Eldica in Dalston.

Eldica trades in retro electrical items such as old tellies, ghetto-blasters, portable record players and video game consoles.

Vintage clothing, gem-like glassware, magazines, books, jewellery, incense and more are plentiful and take up almost every bit of space in Eldica’s small premises.

You can hear Eldica before you see it. Pouring soul – funk – hip hop and anything in between on vinyl out into the street, Eldica is a a true treasure trove for the eyes and ears. Record collectors, music fans and retro junkies can unite in the delights waiting to be (re)discovered here. 

8 Bradbury Street,
Dalston, N16 8JN