An Assortment of: Little People

A plethora of little characters are flourishing on our shelves. Some were gifts from friends, others we rescued or found and a couple just seemed to appear one day…..mysteriously and absolutely nothing to do with me. Honest!

Perhaps I can blame the expansion of this colony of colourful creatures on our apparent childish natures. Maybe the origins of this collection lay in the curious Japanese habit of mascot collecting?
Whatever the reasoning, in our home they adorn laptop cases or sit beside porcelain tea cups. Wherever they reside they bring a waft of playfulness that is very much our manner in our minuscule manor.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s assortment. I am sorry for disappearing for a little while. I am back and fully refreshed with a brain full of new ideas that I hope to blog about very soon. Thank you for sticking with me and “welcome” to my new readers.