Mostly Monotone

I am being exuberant with the monotone miscellany today. It feels just right….a bit of black and white and whatever may splash through in-between.

Moomintroll has a keen spirit of adventure.

The gift of Moomin. A true sign of friendship! Onwards with more marvels from Finland, here is one of my favourite confectionery items. Salty liquorice.

Salmiakki is undoubtedly an acquired taste. However, the packaging certainly is striking with a very grown up, masculine feel. I am most fortunate to have friends that keep me stocked up with these dubious looking black pellets.

Another acquired (and entirely more deadly) taste is smoking. Not a habit that I have embarked upon in my years but I have many friends that persist.

Being of the sort to seek beauty in most things, I often find myself contemplating the nebulous apparitions that smoke creates.


I think this chap (who lurks upon a wall in Mildmay) does too. He looks decidedly unconvinced!

Whilst on the subject of deadly implements, here is one that may cause considerable harm to ribbons. I picked this up in {RAY STITCH} recently and I am rather charmed by it.

Do you like my scissors that imitate a bird? What then will you make of my pins that imitate bulbs?

I think they are ever so cute! I hope to use them to fasten little Fushigi Shop labels onto my sewed items.

And finally, to close off this tale of monotone madness, I have a picture of a picture. Not in the least bit avant-garde but somehow remarkable all the same.

Polaroids photographs caught within a black frame. Delicious to my eyes.