Matt’s Fattburger

Photo courtesy of Fattburger

Never had a big appetite for burgers me. Nah-uh!

But then we bumped into Matt who introduced us to his Fattburgers and I was….so this is what a good burger tastes like!

Matt is a Michelin rated chef who has worked in top kitchens in London and Japan and now, much to my delight, he makes his rich real meaty tasting burgers at the Three Compasses in Dalston.

Fattburgers are made with quality, thoughtfully selected and carefully prepared ingredients and they are amazing value at a mere £5.00 each.

The Fattburger is by far the best burger in London for me. If it aint Fatt, I aint ‘avin’ it – Although, I am now rather partial to the Kimchee Burger (Fatt Korean) too!

Get your Fattburgers at:

The Three Compasses

99 Dalston London

E8 1NH


!! Update: Read more about FattBurger Here