The House of Hackney

Textures/patterns/colours/illustrations/prints in paper and fabric…. these are the stuff of which my happy place is abundant with.

I have long been a fan of the bludgeoning creativity of House of Hackney. They have provided a wayward passage in my Bauhaus loving mental state with their wonderfully garish and playful wallpaper and fabric designs:

/Dalston Rose Wallpaper

/Flights of Fancy Wallpaper

/Queen Bee Wallpaper

/Hackney Empire Velvet Topsy Turvy Fabric

“House of Hackney takes the concept of British home wares and turns it on its head subverting traditional products with playful and irreverent prints and imagery to appeal to a new generation”

I am sure Hiro would firmly forbid me to add any of the above into any space in our future Grand Design. While he may foot his foot down, he has absolutely no say what would go into my library. There will certainly be some House of Hackney in this Bauhaus meets Safari Lodge room (complete with veranda) alongside some taxidermy and secret trap doors for those who dare to trespass. I can dream!