Canoodling + Fresh Breath

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could revive that rather quaint custom of the courting candle?

Courting candles were a wax curfew of sorts. The man of the house would use the candle when a suitor came calling for his daughter. The candle would be lit and placed in the parlour (or wherever the covert candoodling….I mean conversation would occur) and when the candle burned down to the metal at the top of the holder, it marked the time for the suitor to promptly up and leave.

I doubt very much that the young ‘uns of today would adhere to the alarm of a candle. In fact, I would put my money on them misreading the use of the candle completely!

Canoodling of any kind would be greatly impaired by foul breath. I therefore recommend these mint-some lovelies from Peppersmith:

Handsomely packaged and flavoured with made with fine English mint and much thought, Peppersmith have a nice capsule collection of gums and mints

I am looking forward to their Fish & Chip flavoured offering with much curiosity…. Do take a moment to read about them {HERE}