That Thing

After a spate of unsuccessful book choices on my part, Hiro bought me a Kindle for Christmas.

My fellow book lovers may well be frowning/glowering/fuming at this admission, BUT, I have to say that there are some joyous positives to this device.

Our humble flat has a limited amount of space and our bookshelves are currently laden to the point of overflowing with stories. While I do make frequent trips to our local charity shops with my heavy donations I am also guilty of forming attachments with certain books that I would not think of rereading.

The Kindle is firstly a brilliant space saving device for me. I go through stages of voracious reading in which it is not uncommon for me to devour 2 books in a week and so in it’s first month with me, The Kindle has saved me space for 8 books and also saved my wallet too! Now that I have a little collection of “books” mounting up on my virtual bookcase, I have gained a curiously victorious feeling associated with having a large amount of books in my pocket!

Hiro is a clever chap! He knows that, left to my own devices (har-har), I would probably fill the flat, floor to ceiling in skinny tower blocks of books, 90% of which I would admittedly never wish to revisit.

Now the Kindle is not flawless. For example, I would never take it into a bath. I would never loll about a beach with it either! It needs to be charged and though the battery life is excellent, it still needs to be charged. For picture book lovers like Hiro, a Kindle is entirely useless as it is unable to capture the beautiful diagrams and photography that he likes so much.

Having a Kindle with NOT stop me buying REAL books – NOT ON YOUR NELLY! It will stop me wasting space and trees on books that I less than enjoyed. It will save me money which I can then put towards those extra special rare editions that I lust after. See? This is something that a Kindle can never replace …….collectors will always keep this book collection tradition alive!

And so to you hardcore book lovers, I say this; Don’t get your knickers in a twist with Kindle readers! Reading in any format is a good thing!

Yes I really do carry my Kindle around wrapped in a piece of Japanese cloth!