Sotheran’s Magic Corner

Without a doubt, this is one of my absolute favourite bookshops in all of London. The London branch of Sotherans was established in 1815 and the York branch was founded in 1761. Sotherans is known to be the oldest antiquarian bookseller in the world.

This classically appointed shop, may look a tad bit intimidating from the outside but I would urge anyone to go further than merely pressing your one’s nose up against the window.

Sotherans is a bibliophile’s dream. Here are housed large and cultivated selections of books on a wide range of subjects.

However, there is one part of the shop that pulls me back time and time again. Like a mosquito to a hippo’s hump, I make repeated return trips to the children’s book section. Sotherans is host to an enviable selection of rare/antique children’s books . Here you can find 1st editions of Harry Potter’s adventures, fine editions of illustrated fairy tales, rare copies of books almost forgotten. They are all here.

This corner of the rather lavish West End is an extraordinary place to while away some time. Waves of gentle envy shimmer in my eyes here as I wish and hope that one day… fine day, I too shall be master to a collection half as handsome and as beautiful as this!