Prelude to Kiss a Mouse

Untwist your thoughts around my title and fix your glare on my nails for this day:

I used American Apparel Nail Lacquer in “Mouse” + Orly’s “Prelude to a Kiss”.

Mouse applies nice and even and in 2 coats it sits quiet and comfortable on my nails. Prelude to a Kiss is a bit gloopy and streaky on coat 1 but it does fix up and looks lovely with its peach pink pastel icing on a pretty cake hue on coat 2!

I like these interrupted manicures lately! Expect to see more soon.

I have been using Figs + Rouge’s lovely Aloe + Mint balm on my lips and nails daily lately. It’s great and takes care of my unsightly dry tatty bits. I bought this in Boots for about £4.50 and have since been carting it around everywhere with me. This balm is 100% organic and does not contain petroleum. Brilliant news for me because me and Vaseline can never be friends.