A Lot of Heart

Gosh! I do wish that Boots would start stocking Physicians Formula! Take a little look at this pretty little blush that I received from my dear mate Sunny all the way from USA.

//Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush #Natural

Shall I leave you to ooh and ahh for a bit?

The fairies in the Physician’s Formula marketing department sell this as a mood boosting happy clappy inducing blush. I am deeply moody enough for this to do nothing for me in that department. However, this is a lovely blush with a good colour pay off that applies very well indeed!

The PF blush is available in 2 shades, this natural option that I received is a very pretty peachy petal pink that would suit most skin tones. On me, it imparts a more natural looking flush than a proper blush and the so-called multi-reflective pearls give a nice sheen to my cheeks.

The colours in this happy little compact vary from a beige peach, pink peach to rose pink. Combined together (final swatch on the right), it creates a most wearable shade of delightful.

Thank you Sunny for giving me the chance to try this!