Wot’s Black + White + Striped All Over?

Me last Sunday! A black + white shapeless mass.

Hiro and I went a wandering in Shoreditch. I lead him to the heart of Victorian London’s most notorious slum, then known as The Old Nichol, now known as the Boundary Estate Bandstand.

I like to embellish my tights with other tights. The fissured texture looks interesting to me.

The Old Nichol was embellished in the tomes of London history as an evil and lamentable place. I wonder if the very name evoked the devil himself (old nick)? It was further demonised in Arthur Morrison’s A Child of a Jago. Declared as a slum in 1890, this was home to about 6000 people crammed into a dense network of about 30 streets and courts. Today it is home to the Boundary Estate housing development and in it’s very centre stands the bandstand built out of the very rubble from the Old Nichol slum as a centrepiece.

The thing about letting your feet take you wherever they may, is that they often lead you to un-level and sometimes wobbly ground.

//Hat from Japan//White tights from Tabio//Mint Tights from F21//Socks from Tabio//Boots from Office//Silver slip dress from Japan//Black and white shapeless thing from Vero Moda//