Of Flame

Since having my iPhone, I have found myself capturing photos in themes. What I mean is that, I get this image in my head and then I take photos of a similar language over and over during my traipse-arounds. I thought I should make a little blog feature of it, and to add a side dish of extra helpfulness, I shall let you know which apps I used for each photo.

Wherever I might be, it seems that flames brandish most of my evening these days. They dance a flickering frenzy into my memory.

Taken with iDarkroom

Taken with the standard iPhone camera and edited in iDarkroom.

Taken with the standard iPhone camera and edited in iDarkroom.

Taken with Hipstamatic using the Roboto Glitter Lens and the Ina’s 1935 film.

Taken with the standard iPhone camera.

Be it candle or fire light. Naked flames tickle my fancy. Their warm and inconstant light warms the cockles of my soul.

Q: i’ve only just got an iphone about two weeks ago but already i have been taking a lot of photos. so what is idarkroom then, why’s it good compared to others?

A: iDarkroom is a great app with which you can take photos as well as upload photos onto it for editing. The app costs 69p and I think it’s money well spent. There are a host of filters and light effects (including some bokeh ones). There is the ability to really mess with your images her with cropping, blurring, tilt shift and and a variety of adjustment facilities and frames. This is one of my certain faves