Make it Count

I wish you all a wonderful 2012!

I am doggedly determined to make my mark this year. By hook or by crook I shall carve my name into 2012 and make it one to remember for all the right reasons.

We are not Buddhist but we still have a little host of Shichifukujin (seven lucky gods). Tradition believes that upon New Year’s Eve, these seven deities arrive upon a treasure ship laden with gifts for the gods to bestow upon their faithful.

The seven symbolise the essential virtues of man: candour (Ebisu), fortune (Daikokuten), amiability (Benzaiten), magnanimity (Hotei), popularity (Fukurokuju), longevity (Juroujin) and dignity (Bishamonten).

Our Shichifukujin actually stay out all year round. They keep me company while I work at home. I bought them in a shop that Hiro often refers to as “the old ladies shop”. I hope to make them a treasure ship one day.

Perhaps the most notable tradition in our household is the penning of the memories of the the year onto a scroll. This is a custom inherited from Hiro’s grandfather who has written his own annual “family history” over many many years.

Our scrolls are stored away safely in a lacquer box.

I have said that lacquer-ware decorated in gold was made to be seen in the dark; and for this same reason were the fabrics of the past so lavishly woven of threads of silver and gold Tanizaki Junichiro