Lemons on Friday

I felt rather chuffed with myself when a generous SpaceNK sales assistant gave me a good sized sample tube of the Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream to try out:

Jurlique is a brand that I hear many good things about and so I merrily added it to the contents of my handbag where it has been a a frequent companion ever since.

The citrus scent is not of a harsh quality and it lingers more towards a slightly candied lightly-does-it lemon fragrance that is refreshing and uplifting at the same time.

The Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream is a lighter and less greasier formula that those of L’Occitane so no greasy paw prints! This is very important to me as I am always working with paper or fabric or glass and unsightly marks drive me bananas!

This cream melts into the skin quickly and does a good job of smoothing my parched hands. The moisturising effect lasts about a couple of hours before my hands feel a bit dry again so rather frequent reapplications are a must.

I really do like this Jurlique number but, I am very glad that I got this free sample and I am still on the look out for my HG hand cream. Jurlique’s hand creams are available in Jasmin, Rose and Lavender varieties and are about £33 for a big 125ml tube in SpaceNK which is quite a lot to spend on a hand cream without trying it out first. I would definitely advise others to pop into a store and slather your hands with it before buying online etc.