Got Wings : Hiro Style

I love that I have a good fistful of male readers! I am also chuffed that plenty of you are feeling Hiro’s style and so here I am about to blog about his new shoes!

Hiro’s got some brand new shoes!

This detail mad one bought a pair of black low-cut Red Wing Oxfords in The Three Threads closing down sale (Shoreditch). He paid a sum that was better than half price. He is currently patting himself on his back for proving to himself that he is indeed a master of fortuitous bargains in sale season!

Hiro is very happy with his shoes because, he likes the colour, the quality stitching details, the firmness and thickness of the leather but most of all he is pleased with the price that he paid.

He is also very fond of that little overlapping tab on the heel. Not sure why, but is seems to make him nod his approval.

Oh and in case you are wondering, his socks are by Happy Socks.