Blogs I Like Very Muchly

As I don’t have a proper blog-roll, I feel that it is my duty to let you in on some of my favourite blogs now and again. Here are some of my regular favourites, I do believe that they would make splendid additions to your feeds.

I look forward to the days when Matt updates his Buckets And Spades. I am bonkers about packaging, presentation and fringe arts and so Buckets And Spades has become a true happy place for me.

Not Just A Pretty Dress is a blog of quiet graceful style. The elegance that it exudes in words and pictures is just mesmerising for me.

The PvdH Journal is a place where I experience regular bouts of jaw-dropping. Her personal style is marvellous but it’s her art work that really strikes me with awe.

I do hope that you enjoy browsing through the above blogs as much as I have. I shall be busy making things for my shop today. Wish you all a fab Saturday.