Plied With Ponderosa

The word “ponderosa” is derived from the Latin for ponderous or heavy. Quite an irony for this is a shadow not best applied with a heavy touch as things can get messy.

NARS single shadows are so cute! I just wish that the rubbery finish of the packaging wasn’t such a magnet for all things grubby. Moaning over, on with the review.

Ponderosa is a deeply delicious looking chocolate brown. It is more milk chocolate than dark chocolate and it does have some deep red and bronze shimmer that certainly makes it more interesting. The shadow is very light on the eye and easily manipulated so that I found it simple to apply with my little finger.

NARS cream shadows don’t seem to work for everyone. There are raves out there. There are also some less than happy wearers that report much creasing. Thankfully, these work well on me. I apply the cream shadow on top of the NARS Smudge Proof Base (reviewed here) and then follow with a quick sweep of a suitable shadow and this seems to set everything in a budge proof manner for at least 9 hours.

This is a quick more office friendly approach to Ponderosa. I applied it very lightly and swept a little Voyage (also by NARS) over it for some seasonal gleam.

I am glad that I got this as it is a Limited Edition and just the kind of thing that I would kick myself over missing.