Dont Let Appearances Fool You

These photos were taken in Lisbon.

According to a taxi driver in Murakami Haruki’s latest book; when you do something out of your ordinary, the everyday look of things might seem to shift a little. Things may begin to look different to you than they did before.

This fluctuation of normality manifested itself in a cleft within my being, sometime during my childhood. I was good at spotting things that the grown-ups didn’t. I was excellent at making reality out of things that were not really real. I could discover entire worlds in a single afternoon. I could invent extraordinary adventures every bedtime and creating wonderful new uses for everyday objects came as easy as breathing. Due to a free-falling series of slightly tragic events, I lived in a bubble of my own making because reality was too painful. However, I may be guilty of inflicting this questionable lilt on life onto my little sister. In my defence though, this was the only way in which I felt that I could protect her.

Now that I am grown-up. I cannot abandon my ways. I still spot things that most walk straight past. I still walk around peering into corners/inspecting pavements and the tops of buildings. I purposefully get lost or go the wrong way just to allow for a break in the beat of the humdrum. I still fill my sisters head with preposterous junk and I generally find it hard to fit into most circles.

Don’t let appearances fool you. I am about 10 years old at heart.

Jeans from GAP//Jersey swing top from Allsaints//Snood from Topshop//Shoes from Bloch//Bag from Marc Jacobs//Jacket vintage.