We Loitered in Lisbon

Thank you to everyone that took part in my little guessing game! I was indeed in Lisboa!

I knew the instant we set foot upon the uneven cobbles of Lisbon that THIS, this was a city that we were going to LOVE.

Lisbon’s seams are worn ragged and while this may seem shabby to many, for us this is beauty of a unique and moving quality.

This is a living collage of history/culture/dilapidation/ but this is a city that will not ram it’s qualities down your throat like so many other European cities would. This is a city that would rather let you discover it’s wonder quietly and within your own time. Sadly, Lisbon and it’s citizens have suffered gravely from the economic crisis and while the cost of living is on parr with the most expensive European cities, wages, and pensions are far below. Also, Lisbon has not experienced the gentrification and urban renewal like other cities that have been slapped with the COOL CITY label fully loaded with the creative crowd following closely behind….YET!

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world predating London, Paris and even Rome, it is a remarkably hilly place with streets that change from grand and wide parades that must have been resplendent in their former glory to compact, claustrophobic alley ways and stairways that go on for what seems like forever!

This is absolutely my favourite city that I have visit in Europe. I cannot imagine a city with more interesting textures or a more unique skin such as this. I just cannot wait to visit again. In the meanwhile, I have so many stories to share with you and I hope that you will stick around for my babbling tales.