I like soap. I especially like handmade soap. Wanderlust is a persistent infliction of mine.

I have recently used up a bar of Future Primitive’s Wanderlust soap.

Future Primitive’s website description of the scent:

A late summer cargo from distant shores. Cologne-splashed Englishmen in starched ivory linens and panama hats bring bushels of citrus fruits, wooden crates filled with Rosemary leaf, oaken barrels filled with West Indian Bay oil & rich perfumery from old town apothecaries.

I think that the scent description is very accurate. This is certainly a unisex scent that Hiro and I were happy to share. It has a lingering spicy freshness with bursts of citrus that hold these contrasting elements together nicely.

This is a generous bar that lasted us a few months providing a good lather despite London’s hideously hard water. A remarkable point to note about this soap is that it does not go slimly and disgusting in your soap tray. A wonder indeed!

I look forward to trying more soaps from Future Primitive’s interesting range of bars and I am actually eyeing up the Inches Lane hand made soap as I type.

[ Future Primitive Website ]