Tales of a Packaging Fiend

Things wot are nicely presented make me feel oh-so pleased wiv them!

Here are a few bits n’ bobs that I have recently acquired. Fings wot make me smile for a while.

A little collection of simple fings.

A box of long matches for lighting candles. The Archivist Gallery has an assortment of excellent safety matches.

A little turned wooden case of 12 size 8 easy threading needles from Merchant & Mills.

A gift from a lovely friend. A memo block cunningly disguised posh old fashioned luggage. A product of Marks.jp.

A floral print pencil for doodling. Another gift from my friend.

A brightly wrapped tin of Sardines from Portugal.

Glass headed pins from Merchant & Mills’ fine selection of notions.

Percy & Reed’s hairspray decorated with an elegant illustration.

//I am fond of everyday items made an extra bit special by thoughtful packaging.

What is the last nicely packaged item that you bought?

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