Security Gates Made to Measure + Install

I just dunno why the husband thinks it’s fun to take photos of me with random sale sign posts.

I also just dunno:

Why I am loving the Frozen Planet series on the Beeb when I despise coldness, hell is a frost bucket// I dunno why running makes me angry//Or why I love natto (Japanese fermented beans)// Why do I think better whilst hula-hooping? I DUNNO.

Burgundy cords from GAP + Snood from Topshop + Shirt by Supreme + Cardigan from PRESENT + Bag from See by Chloe + Lipstick is Tongue Tickles by Rouge Bunny Rouge.

//Listening to: “Giving up the Gun’ by Vampire Weekend

“Your sword’s grown old and rusty
Burnt beneath the rising sun
It’s locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things it’s done