Girls That Stare at Palettes

I have cut back tremendously on personal cosmetic purchases lately. BUT, I ask you this: just how is a girl to resist something as wonderful as NARS’ Holiday 2011 offering?

NARS drew inspiration from Japanese Kabuki theatre for this special edition palette.This makes me smile as Kabuki is an art form dominated by men. Wonderful androgyny!

Impeccably parcelled, it has it’s own fabric case to house the infamous trademark NARS rubberised palette and the accompanying brush.

The palette consists of 4 shades,a shimmering white, gold, a rich deep rose and matte black, presented to us immaculately in this intricately detailed floral impression.

Shall we sit and swoon for a little while? Feel free to stroke your screens if you feel so inclined.

The palette also comes with a brush.

This is one of the most elegant and visually stunning palettes that I own. I cannot suffer actually using it for the moment so please don’t expect any swatches any time soon! Now, please excuse me while I go back to my staring.

Incidentally, if ever anyone wanted to make a film about beauty bloggers, then “GIRLS WHO STARE A PALETTES” may be a good title.