Ode to Os Gemeos

I spotted this Os Gemeos grafitti on our way to our hotel from the airport in Lisbon. I literally screamed out…”OS GEMEOS” when I saw it. I seldom get so excited about street art but this…THIS was different. See this in person was a dream come true.

The scale of the piece was magnificent.I have long been a fan (from a far) of their work and seeing their work up close and in person was just awesome.

Os Gemeos are, Otavios + Gustavo Pandolfo. They are identical twins and they hail from Sao Paulo,Brazil. Their dream like creations are now iconic examples of Brazilian street art and have even graced the walls of our very own Tate Modern with just as much ease as it dis the street walls from whence they started.

When we dream, everything we dream has yellow tones’, Gustavo Pandolfo explains. ‘This is something of ours, myself and my brother. We use it in our painting. We can’t use another colour. We have to use yellow.

Hiro found this clip to share with you and it accompanies his photos above perfectly. The video shows the creation of Os Gemeo’s and Blu’s works in the Saldanha area of Lisbon. The soundtrack was recorded after dinner.

I have mentioned Blu’s work before in a previous post that you can find [ HERE ]. Blu is no stranger to our East London Streets.