A Face full of Honey Tea

I know! I know! MORE tea fings!

//Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream in Natural Beige #2.

This BB cream is formulated to have moisturising and illuminating qualities through the use of ingredients that include honey and black and red teas.

There are a many good points about this BB cream but the scent is not one of them. If you like sweet scents then you may lap this up (not literally, I hope) but if like me you prefer your base makeup to be unfragranced then this may irk you too. It does smell more of honey than tea but thankfully it doesn’t linger once applied.

I opted for the darker of the 2 shades available and though it is a little pale for me on application, thanks to it oxidising, it adjusts to fit my mug nicely after a few minutes. It imparts a nice dewy finish BUT it is slightly, only slightly sticky which is fine for me as this will help keep my face moist in the winter. However this might be a bit crap in more humid weather. (Note to me: leave this one at home on holidays).

I would say that this provides full coverage and it hides imperfections well enough. However,this does make it a bit heavy and so again, rubbish for summer despite the SPF20++

A fellow blogger kindly CP-ed this item from Korea me. I have seen this on eBay for about £8.00.

If you would like to see how a swatch of this looks against other BB creams please refer to my swatch postHERE