//Trente Quartre//

I commonly spend my autumn evenings indoors. Our pokey little flat hasn’t the room for a fireplace of any sort and so we happily repose by scented candlelight.

I am admittedly fussy about scents and so choosing a fragrance for our little household suffers an extension of this persnicketyness. I opt for fragances that egnite imagination and create a fanciful veil for my dreaming, reading and general musing.

I was delighted when I was sent Diptyque’s newest candle as a gift. Entitled “Curiosities” I felt that this was indeed well chosen for me.

Diptyque often embark on creative collaborations in which talented individuals are invited to flex their vision and interpret Diptyque’s universe in thir own way. Les invités du 34 is one of such collaborations and so is a Limited Edition.

Curiosities is described as:

“The fragrance of charcoal, paper, amber and old wood.”

But for us it is much more.

For ME it is the smell of a hermit scribes lair. A darkened room but candlelit and strewn with paper scrolls and note books. He scribbles furiosly to meet his imagined deadline. The air is heavy with the smell of his ink, his old desk and and the dying embers of the fireplace.

For HIRO is it the smell of his happy childhood summers. His family would often holiday on the Izu peninsular, in a old wooden house that they would rent from family friend. The air in the house was still and seemed permanently infused with the scent of Japanese cypress.

This is our favourite wood scented candle and it currently burns in our bedroom. Although the descriptions may perhaps lead many into believing this to be a pungent and overpowering scent, it is absolutely not these things to my nose. It is a clean woody smell and it hovers in the air in gentle wisps that may be too delicate for some.

Diptyque create some inspired scented candles that in my experience consistently burn evenly releasing the right amount of scent into a room.