Sharp cut and gentle folds

Feelings of restlessness usually result in one of three things. The arrangement of some kind of adventure, the need for a drastic haircut or a spring clean! This time, the hairy choice won over and I toddled off to visit the charming Hirokosan at Muku Hair in Shoreditch once more.

I arrived at the salon in a bit of a tizzy not knowing what to do with my hair. I wanted something new, something fresh something that suits my pin-head and my personality. Luckily Hiroko was able to come up with some ideas and though I wasn’t entirely sure of what she meant, I gave her freedom and trust to come up with something brilliant. And that, my dears is exactly what she did!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sharp short cut and I cannot believe that it has such versatility in styling! I would never have guessed that short hair could be this much fun!

Muku hair is now my choice hairdresser in London. I cannot see myself going anywhere else unless of course, Hirokosan moves away.

If you are wondering what I am capturing on my phone:

Ah, the humour of street art!

My scruffy outfit consists of many layers that vary in texture, from cotton to linen and then satin, jersey and wool. Comfort was prime on this day and London’s changeable weather much affected my mood.

These photos were taken at the Holborn Viaduct. Built between 1863 – 69 it links the City to the West-end. There once was a station on the south side of the bridge, it now lays disused and has done so since 1990. Just along from here at number 60 Holborn Viaduct, excavations are taking place to unearth the remains of some medieval buildings that were developed throughout the Tudor period and well into the 1800s. London’s largest subterranean rivers runs close to this point, the River Fleet, which gave it’s name to Fleet Street which is now more known that it’s origins.

We also made it to the Tate to take in Gerhard Richter’s Panorama.

A stunning exhibition that shows the versatility of the artist.

I was astonished at his ability to move from abstract paintings to photo realism with such ease.