The Independents: CA4LA

Okay, so some may argue that this is not strictly speaking an independent shop. Yes, there are branches in throughout Japan, but, here in London, this wonderful little hat shop stands alone just off Old Street roundabout and opposite a kebab shop and so strictly speaking, in my book, this qualifies it as Independent.

CA4LA is pronounced, KASHI-LA and it means “head” in Japanese.

CA4LA is a well appointed boutique that houses a large and varied array of hats and head/hair accessories. You can find anything here from, top hats to bowlers, trilbies, fedoras caps and more.

The shop opened in 2006 and is the 1st branch outside of Japan. All of the hats are designed and made in Japan and are created in limited amounts.

The shop itself has two floors and is curiously furnished with old chandeliers, worn looking wooden units and a fair share of taxidermy animals. The staff are very helpful without being bothersome and were quite happy to leave us to try on every single hat on display without even raising an eyebrow.

We visited CA4LA during one of their sample sales. We both left with 2 knit hats each. Here is but a fleeting glimpse of mine:

Very handy now that my neck is utterly exposed! I shall certainly be making many return visits to this shop. We both love hats and it is such fun trying new looks. Why, I think even Alice’s Mad Hatter would like it here!

Visit the CA4LA website here