The Independents: Persephone Books

I am a great fan of Independent shops. There is so much to admire about an individual who takes on the droves of concurrent doppelganger chains that seem to have taken over the malls and high streets (and in my opinion created a monotonous shopping experience) .

There is something special, exciting and captivating about stumbling across a unique, independent shop. It is a feeling that no chain shop can replicate (over and over). It is a feeling that I for one not only cherish when I find it, but hunger for it when I dont.

It is for this reason that I have deceided to blog about London’s Independent shops. I hope that you like this new feature and so without any further bla-di-bla, meet The Independents:

Lamb’s Conduit Sreet has a remarkable magic that makes me feel as though I am no longer in London. No sooner as I embark onto the street do I feel that the pace of life has slowed right down to a more peaceful and amiable tempo. It is here that I came accross Persephone Books.

Persephone books is a publisher and seller of resdiscovered neglected 20th century classics written mainly but not soley by women authors. There are 93 titles in their catalogue, all are said to be “thought-provoking and beautifully written”.

This is a small bookshop that steals imaginations. There are piles of books upon shelves and books the tables. Upon first glance they all look the same as most of the titles here are clothed in Persephone’s silver jackets. Worn chairs sit quietly in the tight corners. There are vases of flowers propped here and there and at the far end of this wonderfully cramped space, is the office space from where the lovely and ever helpful Persephone ladies busy themselves.

Persephone Books has a large following and deservedly so! I would highly recommend this to any bibliophile not only for its neglected re-prints but also so you too can sample its unique atmosphere.