In a house much like this

Can you not see me living in a house like this? I could make my shiny fings waaaahaaaay up there with only my cups of tea for company! Oh how I would love a studio much like this!

This structure is known as Takasugi-an and is the creation of the Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori. It is constructed upon 2 great big chestnut tree trunks and the only way up is via a free standing ladder. The interior is based on a traditional teahouse. The walls are plaster and tatami mats cover the floor.

Curiously, this house reminds of the old tales of the Baba Yaga. She lived in a house much like this but not quite. Her structure balanced upon gigantic chicken legs rather than tree trunks.

Long time readers of mine may recall my encounter with The Baba Yaga. If you care to revisit this tale, please do click on the photo above .