A day dreamers footwear.

Day dreaming is serious stuff for me. I need the right footwear for it can be an occupation fraught with obstacles and hazards waiting to lay their offensive upon my unaware self. Even with the correct footwear I often bump into things or hit a grand conclusion to a troublesome trail of thought whilst crossing a road causing me to come to a stand still while Hiro looks on horrified!

Seeing as there is very little I can do about my lousy abstracted head being in the clouds, I try to keep my feet firmly on the ground and here are my 5 days in shoes:

Monday’s shoes were made for sunny weather,

Tuesday’s shoes are soft shiny leather,

Wednesday’s shoes are excellent for a stomp,

Sunday’s shoes are the worst for a swamp.

But the shoes that I wore today are good for adventure, dancing and for pomp!