A Bit of Super Design 2011

Hiro + 1 Roos Bro + co went along to the Super Design 2011 event recently. With an iPhone at the ready, he took pictures for me to blog about. I seem to have got a range of people thinking about blogging material for me these days! Anyway, Super Design is London’s premier Design Art exhibition. It focuses on that blurry line where visual art and design embrace/collide/meet.

This is Paolo Giordano’s remix of Eames an classic chair.

Entitled “Ethno-Eames”, there are two variations. One of cast aluminium and the other cast Bronze.

The Ghost Queen Chair is a marvellous creation of Design Drift.

It is astounding to know that each Ghost chair has been handmade.

While the “inner ghost” may be conceived as a random occurrence in the creation process, it has actually been carefully considered and each line, curve and movement has been designed.

The Ghost Chair is an experiment in: shape, high tech production methods and crafts.Design Drift