7 Deadly Sins

Collaborations with fellow bloggers is great fun and our latest challenge took a dark turn into the realm of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Yes, my sin is indeed WRATH. For years I have struggled with my temper/my anger/my rage. My anger is black. Seething, deadly and abysmal with red ruthlessness at it’s edges.

I have it in check now but that is much to do with the calming influence of Hiro rather than my own personal ability to transcend the bloody curse of it. I am not proud of my sin. I cannot be proud of allowing something to consume me so entirely that I lose control of the reins of sensibility/reason/empathy I become a reckless fire and by the time it subsides, I hate myself for it for I often realise that it is myself that I have hurt the most.

I used ADDICTION #Shangri La with L’oreal Infallible #Burning Black for my eyes and Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Nude. I didnt use any foundation.

My honest opinion is that these so called Deadly Sins are in fact shit that make us all very human.But stipulations and exposed guts aside, I am not the only sinner. I have 6 sinners to wallow in the Styx with:

Pinkfish Tart’s Sin is Gluttony:

Yumekos Sin is Pride:

Justine’s Sin is Envy:

More Sinners will be arriving soon.