The Yummies: Matcha, marscapone, azuki dorayaki

Japanese have a wealth of confectionery and up there with the most popular must be Dorayaki. Dorayaki is basically composed of a filling (normally sweet read bean paste), sandwiched between 2 small airy pancakes.

I bought a selection of these over the weekend from the Kitaya Wagashi Japanese Bakery stall at the Japan Matsuri. My favourite was the matcha marscapone one.

The Kitaya Bakery use only the best Japanese matcha powder together with flour that is has a combination of Japanese and UK origins. They consider their dorayaki to be the heart of their bakery and they make these in many flavours that include; anko, custard, lemon custard, matcha custard, matcha marscapone, cream cheese anko and chocolate.

I thought that this combination of matcha and marscapone was delicious and surprisingly light.

Kitaya Bakery also produce some incredible ice cream flavours. There are the matcha and sesame varieties that we have all come to associate with Japanese ice cream, but, they also have wasabi, kuri and hojicha flavours in their repertoire.

Kitaya Bakery Website.