What Hari Saw……

These photos were taken in Miyagi Prefecture one of the places that felt the full force of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This part of Japan is still fighting to come to terms with the events and the aftermath has left untold repercussions. Miyagi is trying to lift itself off it’s knees and keep hold of some of it’s fleeing population. Trust in the government has faltered and the sense of loss is deep.

I am sorry that I could not find the words to talk you through this post. I cannot imagine how quickly and drastically life has changed for the once residents of Miyagi. I cannot begin to understand how they must feel or how they will begin to rebuild their lives. I do know that these are resilient and strong people and they will find a way. Our hearts are with them everyday.

Hari, we are so so so proud of you, even though we are rubbish at saying it.