We headed towards Southbank last night. Our destination was the OXO Tower Wharf for the opening night of the

和組 Wagumi Creative Connections” exhibition.

Creative Connections is a pioneer project that celebrates and showcases creative collaborations between British design and Japanese craftsmanship.

Lacquerware iPhone cover by B Prize Corporation.

“By turning a new page in the 430-year history of Aizu lacquerware, we hope to pass on the legacy of this craft to future generations.

Copperware teapot from Gyokusendo Co. Ltd.

“While providing the best copperware in the world, Gyokusendo also handles traditional handicrafts made of other materials like ceramics, lacquerware and glass.”

Dish from Koshiwara Pottery.

Koshiwara Pottery has it’s origins in the early stage of Edo Period (1603-1868) when the lord of Kuroda Clan invited potters from Imari to produce fine porcelains. Then, at the beginning of 18th century, unknown craftsmen began making the daily earthenware that Koishiwarayaki is today. Its practical yet distinctive design has since been lauded as the you no bi (beauty in utility). “

I am very pleased that we visited Wagumi,it was a pleasure to meet with the event organisers and I will undoubtedly make a return trip to purchase some fine pottery and perhaps some other unique wares.

We were invited along because Hiro won a photography contest and we had to go and collect his prize. (The curious can take a look here).


Creative Connections
gallery@oxo Oxo Tower Wharf,
Bargehouse Street, South Bank,
London SE1 9PH

Exhibition is open until the 2nd October 2011.

Access the Wagumi Website here.