| Photo Diary | Weybourne

We headed to Norfolk a few weekends ago and I spent the larger part of my time in my wellies. Wellies call for much stomping around, and that is precisely what we did! From campsite in Hiro’s bosses back garden, to field and onwards to the sea…stomp, stomp and stomp some more! So incredible are my random bouts of feeble-mindedness that I often forget that I live on an island! And island with some stunning shorelines and countryside at that.

I am your classic case of Londonitis. I live in London, think everything that I need is in London, and don’t really see the need to venture far out of London let alone up northwards. BUT that is about to change for I am starting to feel that I am cheating myself out of some amazing adventures upon this very island.

The Norfolk coastline is beautiful. Rugged, and a bit frosty but BEAUTIFUL. Our little convoy stopped in Weybourne for some sea air and the sight was awesome. We found ourselves sandwiched on a pebble beach betwixt perpetually lapping crystal clear waters flanked with yellow cliffs and an expanse of guilded countryside.

I am not sure why rusty things look so lovely to me. Perhaps it’s the state of living decay or the fact that they look abandoned (even if they haven’t been) that appeals to me. I am certainly up for more countryside adventures, London has started to look regretfully cramped and dreary at times. There is much for me to lap up in the country! Much inspiration lingers here.

Are you well acquainted with more rural England? Do you have any recommendations for me?