On graves and brick walls and some such…



We came across a cemetery, and as I am one prone to lurking in such places, it was natural for me to make a beeline for the gate. To my astonishment, there was an entry fee of £3.00 per person. Who the devil pays to stroll through a cemetery? Me…. (cough)… apparently, AND, I had to cough up for Hiro too for there was no way that he would dig into his pockets for that!


I would not pay another 3 squid to amble through this cemetery again. In fact I would quite like my pennies back but the old lady at the gate looked quite cantankerous! While it is very well maintained, it lacks the magic, mystery and sheer creepsomeness of Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington which is free to visit and feels much more like an adventure to me.

We did find a lovely brick wall with things sprouting out of it. It’s the little details!

….Onwards with my London lurkings………where to next?