Gently does it.

For a long while, Lancome’s Bi-Facil was my HG eye makeup remover and so I rue the day that it stopped working for me. Suddenly and without any warning, the stuff started to sting and so came the day that we just had to part.

I have since switched to La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Eye Makeup Remover.

The convenient packaging is a brilliant idea. The mono-dosage capsules are great for hygiene and travel.

The directions recommend soaking a cotton pad and then applying it as a compress to the eye. Gently wipe off and use a separate pad for each eye.

This does not remove waterproof makeup nor does it promise to. That said, I rarely use waterproof makeup and I more often than use a simple eyeshadow and liner combination with a very natural looking mascara for days at the office, so this works a treat for me. It is very gentle and does not irritate my eyes or leave any residue. Not only am I left with cleansed makeup free eyes, but also a nice fresh feeling.

I cannot recommend this enough for those with sensitive eyes but cannot do the same for heavy makeup users as I feel this will fail you miserably. As for me, I would definitely repurchase this without a second thought.

I bought this from The Garden Pharmacy in Covent Garden for £13.50.
The box includes 30 x 5ml capsules.