Cleansers: A Good, A Bad, and A Decent.

Apart from moisturisers, cleansers are a skincare obsession of mine. I go through many with very little loyalty because I am sure the perfect one exists, somewhere out there, it’s just hiding from me.

I habitually use a thorough strong cleanser in the evenings especially in the summer. I then opt for a gentle formula in the mornings and particularly during the depths of winter.

Here are my thoughts on my most recent cleansers, let’s start with

the bad: Baviphat Milky Green Tea Latte Mousse Foam.

You don’t have to be be a psychic mind reader to guess that my tummy influenced this purchase. Sadly all the good stuff that I hoped for didn’t exist in this foam cleanser. It smells fine in a typically western rendition of green tea way. The foam is incredibly dense which I like. Sadly though, this doesn’t rinse well and leaves a a rather slick residue on my face. I wouldn’t mind this too much if the cleanser rugby tackled my make up but it doesn’t do a good job of that either.

I have since employed this as a shaving foam. The dense foam comes in handy after all. Waste not want not!

Moving swiftly onto the Decent in which I must add the following: “The Decent with a Clarisonic”. L’Occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel:

This is an incredibly gentle cleanser, one of the most gentle that I have come across in fact. It has a very green and planty type fragrance and although it’s gel formula is supposed to transform into a light foam, I suspect the hard water of inner London prevents it from doing so successfully. It also falls short with removing eye makeup effectively. However, this works well as a morning cleanser and it pairs up very well with my Clarisonic for a thorough cleanse.

Here is a quick look at the ingredients list. The gentle and more natural ingredients are purported to preserve the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Finally, we come to the Good; Boot’s Botanics Moisturising Deep Clean Foam.

This is a creamy dense cleanser that performs a thorough cleanse without drying out my skin. The mild soap free formula even works on my skin during it’s more sensitive moments which earns it huge plus points in my book. It doesn’t remove eye makeup particularly well but it does do well with lifting off stubborn BB creams. I also like the mild clean scent and the wonderful price of £4.07 per pop! This is certainly a cleanser that I would buy again.

The ingredients list. I guess that this cleanser is less “natural” than the packaging and the name of the product would lead us to believe.

Which cleanser are you using right now?