Champion Cleansing Oils – Giveaway

In my opinion, cleansing oils are the best way to remove a face full of make up in one swoop. I have tried, tested, scrutinised and battled countless brands of these over the past few years and have finally whittled down my list of favourites to an unwavering trio of products.

Before I blab, I should let you know a few things:

Skin type: Sensitive combination skin with dry patches with oily T-zone. Prone to occasional break outs.

Note: I experience terrible break outs each time I let cleansers or skin care items with MINERAL OIL anywhere close to my face. This has lead me to avoid many cleansing oils including the much loved Shu Uemura.

The Trusty Trio:

Left to right: Mutenka cleansing oil by Cow Brand, mild cleansing oil by FANCL and mild touch cleansing oil by DHC.

All three are gentle light type oils which means that they are lighter in texture, feel lighter on the skin and are easier to rinse off. They are also free of mineral oil

The Mild Cleansing Oil has been a staple product for me for well over 2 years now. It is the least greasy of the three yet it removes all make up including stubborn mascara without much effort. The make up slides off and there little residue left after rinsing and it does not blog my pores. I love the packaging and must confess to being a nuts over their limited edition pump bottles.

This is free of fragance, colouring, preservatives and mineral oil

Available from: Imomoko and AlphabeautyUK

DHC’s Mild Touch Cleansing Oil is the oddest of the bunch. Although it is classed as an oil, it’s texture lurks somewhere between an oil and a viscous gel. Furthermore, unlike any other cleansing oil this can be used in the shower! It does a good job of removing makeup and I normally have one my my shower for my lazy days.

Available from: Imomoko

The Mutenka oil is my newest find. I was able to try this thanks to the lovely BEAUTY BOX. I put this cleansing oil to the test during a dire allergic reaction that I experienced a few months ago. My skin was flaking and very painful so cleansing was a troublesome routine. The Mutenka cleansing oil really helped to soothe and moisturise my skin in the most gentle way that I could find. It is thicker than the other two oils here but this will suit me well in the colder months, or whenever my skin needs some extra TLC. I will definitly keep stocked up with this!

Contains to fragrance, colouring, mineral oil or parabens.

Available from: BEAUTY BOX

Cleansing oils and balms always leave some residue despite what the manufacturers say! These vary in degrees and depend on our own personal tolerance/preference but in my opinion, I ALWAYS use a mild cleanser to ride my off the residue and get my face super clean. My HG cleanser for this task is the FANCL Washing Powder “Light”.

The FANCL washing powder removes oily residues without being too harsh on the skin. To use, I dispense a small amount into my hands and add a few drops of water to work it into a lather.

This is also my HG cleanser for when I am travelling. The powder formulation is lighter in my luggage and a little goes far. The packaging is delightful and like the cleansing oil, limited editions have become my choice purchases. I actually keep the bottles in the hope that one day, refill packs may be available.


Thanks to BEAUTY BOX I have a bottle of the Mutenka Cleansing oil to giveaway! I have also added a bottle of the washing powder to the prize booty for one lucky winnner to grab.


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