You make my tummy rumble

Hiro took me out for dinner on Friday. We went to my favourite Japanese Restaurant for some seriously delightful dining.

Here are my favourites dishes, “いただきます”:

Tai sashimi (bream)

Buta shabu shabu salada (pork shabu shabu salad)

Negitoro maki (tuna spring onion sushi rolls)

Battera sushi (mackrel sushi with konmbu)

Tori nanbanzuke (vinigar marinated chicken) I simply MUST learn how to make this at home!

Kare furai (deep fried flounder)

Shishitoyaki (grilled shishito peppers)

Nasudengaku (grilled aubergine in miso)

Wasabi 3 ways.

What a feast and a perfect way to celebrate my 125th birthday!