Worshipblues’ Vanilla Tofu Cheesecake

I suppose I can be accused of having a tofu fixation at the moment? Guilty as charged!

Serving suggestion: Tofu cheesecake with blueberry compote.

This all started when a friend of ours asked what can be done with the block of the strange looking stuff. So true to my curious nature, I have been digging up all sorts of recipes and here is a good one for those with a sweet tooth!

Worshipblues‘ vanilla tofu no bake cheesecake.


For the base you will need:

150g Digestive biscuits, beaten asunder into a fine mess.

50g of unsalted butter

1 tablespoon of light brown sugar (optional, I did without)

For the filling you will need:

150g Silken Tofu
250g Cream Cheese (I like marscapone)
30g Butter
1 Tbsp Sugar (use more if you like things sweet – taste as you go)
The innards of 1 vanilla pod
½ c Crème Fraiche
2 Tbsp Gelatin Powder
6 Tbsp warm water

To make the base:

Melt the butter in the microwave (be careful not to burn it!).

Pour the butter into the biscuit crumbs and mix with a spoon before chucking it all into a heavy springform cake tin. I used a square one because I like squares more than circles. so there!

Press the mixture into the base of the tin as densely and as evenly as you can.

Throw the thing into the freezer and allow to set for an hour or so.

To make the filling:

Add tofu, cream cheese and butter. into a large microwave friendly bowl and zap in the microwave for 5-10 seconds before stopping to check the mixture. Do this about 3-4 times but do not let the butter and cheese melt into a manky mess.

The mixture together using a wire whisk (of the old fashioned ilk) to ensure everything is combined nicely. At this stage the whole thing looks a bit like scrambled eggs.

Use a hand blender (not electric whisk) to then mix and blend the mixture into a nice smooth thing that looks more like a thick smoothie.

Add the sugar (to taste) and the vanilla seeds and blend a little more.

Sprinkle the gelatin powder into the warm water and mix like a crazed person. If you find that the gelatin is not behaving, zap it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and mix some more. When gelatin has completely melted, stir it into the cheesecake mixture.

Give the mixture a little mix with a spatula or spoon.

Pour the cheesecake mixture onto the base. You may want to lightly tap the tin to make sure that it is all even and free of bubbles.

Whack it in the fridge and wait for what seems like an age (4 hours) for it to set.

Serving suggestion: dusted with matcha latte powder

I like my cheesecake with a more solid and crunchy base. I also like the filling to have a consistency of a firm mousse. Therefore this is what you can expect from the recipe above (hopefully!).