As a child, I used to go stomping about the Mendip Hills with my sister and our eccentric aunt. Armed with an impaired old metal detector, and wide eyes, we stumbled over the hills and took great pleasure in running down them in the most inelegant goat fashioned way.

On my part, I would relish the fresh hillside air. I would grimace as we rushed through patches of wild garlic with their copious scent and feel such a relief when we wound up in the woodlands. I would fight the urge to collapse into the soft floor and roll about in it’s gloriously lively fragrance.

I have long wanted to capture the woodland scent. The fresh damp decay, the resinous woods, the still air, the whisper of smoke and the falling leaves……………

I purchased this delightful little sample fragrance set from the Etsy seller, Perfume for Strange Women. Within it’s confines lay a little wish come true…

November in The Temperate Deciduous Forest:

I am so happy that I got to try this fragrance as it rekindled my happy childhood memory and brought to life my wish of enveloping myself with the scent of the woodland nostalgia. I am quite aware that it is an unusual wish and the reality of wearing such a fragrance in the heart of traffic ridden London is peculiar indeed, but I love the confusion it brings.

I hope to buy a full sized bottle soon.

I would like to thank the truly marvellous London Make up Girl and her trusty nozzle for letting me know about this. She is quite possibly the ONLY person who can say “I like how it smells a bit damp” and get my curiosity bubbling over rather that my grimace going.

Shop: Perfume for Strange Women