Nanoce BB Sorbet

I can be such a sucker for a gimmick sometimes. I suppose that this may be why the idea of BB cream in a spray can really appealed to me.

This BB comes in 2 shades and I opted for the the darker shade #2 “Natural Ochre”.

The little spray can comes with a dual textured sponge for application so please don’t think that this can be sprayed directly on your face (think of the mess).

I don’t normally review a skin care item so quickly. However, it was very clear from the start that this was going to be a fail for me.

The Nanoce BB Sorbet is great if you have oily skin but a hazard for drier skin types like my own. The BB dries down to a matte powder finish quickly after application and this just aggravates my dry patches.

If you have used the Nanoce BB Moist Cream and found yourself less than impressed with it’s oil control capabilities, then this is for you!

As for me, this is bound for a blog sale at some point, or perhaps even some BB cream street art! I jest! Such a great shame.