Glam Glow Eyes

The Japanese brand Visee often catches my attention with their pretty palettes but these can be rather hit or miss in many ways. However, when they get it right…..BOY OH BOY do they do it right!

Visee Glam Glow Eyes GR 4

It took me a while to stop oggling the packaging alone.

Then another while to get over the pretty lace impression.

But then I thought of all you ladies who would want some swatches and so I dug in!

On the far left we have a glitter highlighter which is the usual standard of Japanese drugstore palettes. I guess the aim is to provide a little bit of added glitter KAPOW when and where you need it. which I guess would be along the inner eye/lower lash line area.

Next we have a olivey yellow green which is lovely and shimmery but nothing extraordinary.

The khaki green that follows is the star of the palette. It’s a beautiful khaki with gold and green shimmer.

The deepest forest green on the right is the liner shade and it is a glorious deep mucky green.

If you are a shimmer fan then this is one for you, if not then you probably should have looked away from the beginning. However, despite the shimmer factor, the shadows are smooth to apply and the three green shades are well pigmented. The other thing to love about this palette is that it can easily go from daytime with the light shades to night time glam with the deeper shades.

I am glad that I got this palette. I bought it from Adam Beauty for $20 approx £12.50 which is good value I say.

Take a look at the VISEE WEBSITE for some tips on how to use this palette.