Evangelist BB Cream

This BB cream fascinated me (as much as anything in tube is capable of doing) for it has spent nearly forever in the top 5 foundations list and held on to a space on the top 10 concealing makeup bases rankings on Cosme too. Many sources report this to be Japan’s no 1 selling BB cream. I am not sure how accurate that information is though.

If you are wondering what Cosme is, it is a Japanese cosmetics and skincare website where users can review/vote on their favourite products and in turn they are ranked to reflect their popularity.

As far as I can read, the Evangelist BB contains Marine Placenta, EGF and other super sounding stuff that together with the price tag make this an ultimate in BB creams. Now don’t quote me on this, but I think that the Marine Placenta come from salmon which may bother many people but it doesn’t bother me. I eat salmon and if it is good enough for my belly, then my not may face?

The Evangelist BB Cream is the product of renowned makeup artist Yanagi Nobuto and is quite special because it is available in 3 colour shades. I have shade 2.

Evangelist BB cream in ochre #2.

This has to be the strangest BB cream that I have ever tried.

It goes on very smooth and light and dries down to a powdery soft finish within a few minutes. I am amazed that it is able to have such reliable oil control on my chip pan oily T-Zone without irritating my dry cheeks. Amazingly, this feels light on my skin and does not blog my pores nor irritate my sensitive skin. How is that possible?

But it is not all happy clappy praise from me. Unfortunately, this BB cream only works well for me during summer when my skin is less dry. In the season of the biting cold and blasting central heating, this becomes and utter mess and turns all the good things mentioned above topsyturvey.

I would regard this BB cream to be medium coverage that does well in concealing blemishes whilst imparting natural looking cover.

I would rate this is my favourite BB Cream for a summer’s night out because it is such low maintenance and it doesn’t matter a whole lot if I forget my blotting paper/film.

Above is a comparison to the Nanoce BB Moist Cream mentioned here.

The Evangelist on the left has a slightly more greyish hue. Also, it does tend to oxidise slightly so though it may look lighter than the Nanoce, it does level out without going orange on me.

I would recommend this to ladies with oily skin. Best used without a base or heavy moisturiser. At the same time I would recommend this to ladies with combination skin with the use of a moist base or your regular moisturiser.

Another troublesome quality about the Evangelist BB cream is that it is hard to get hold of and I believe that it is only available via mail order in Japan.