Raise your arms

There is one obsession that has stuck with me since school days. That is the obsession with stinky sweatiness. I have never suffered from problem perspiration yet I cannot help but be terrified at the vision of putting my arm up to grab the hand rail on a busy bus only to reveal a huge big wet patch. Or worse, unleashing a stench so bad that other passengers pass out at a mere whiff of it!

Oh the very thought of it makes me cringe.

As you can imagine I have tried gazzillions of different B.O busters in my time and it is only recently that I have discovered my favourite:

Deonatulle is a Japanese brand that specialise in deodorant products made without harsh chemicals or colour. I like to use the men’s products as they include a bit of menthol that I find cooling and refreshing. The women’s formula is fragrance free.

Deodorant cream in a tin! I think it is rather cute!

Deonatulle products contain natural potassium alum that has been used for it’s deodorant properties since Roman times. I find this to be extremely effective for two reasons. Firstly, I only need to apply this in the morning and it does a grand job without the need to reapply. Secondly, it does not mark or stain my clothing unlike many other deodorants.

Both the tinned and stick version are quite creamy to apply. Perhaps I can thank the squalane that they contain for noticably softening my skin without any irritation.

The only downside is that these are hard to find. I have seen them on Adam Beauty who I can confidently recommend.